Quick Start

Simple search by dict:

./ws.py UrlsDict --template http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/@ --dict bases/demo/dict.txt

Simple search by mask:

./ws.py UrlsMask --template http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/@ --mask ?l,1,4

Search by dict in selenium mode:

./ws.py UrlsDict --template http://selenium.polygon.web-scout.online/@ --dict bases/demo/dict.txt --selenium 1 --browser-wait-re "checking" --not-found-re "Not Found"

Discovery new Content

Discovery new URLs:

./ws.py ContentDiscovery --template http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/@ --urls-file bases/demo/cd-urls.txt

Search params of URL

Params search by GET method (in URL) by dict:

./ws.py ParamsDict --url http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/params-bruter-dict-get.php --dict bases/demo/dict.txt --max-params-length 1000 --params-method GET --not-found-re NOT

Params search by GET method (in URL) by mask:

./ws.py ParamsMask --url http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/params-bruter-dict-get.php --mask ?l,1,2 --max-params-length 1000 --params-method GET --not-found-re NOT

Searching params of file upload script:

./ws.py ParamsDict --url http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/params-bruter-dict-files.php --dict bases/demo/dict.txt --max-params-length 10 --params-method FILES --not-found-re NOT

Brutoforce form

Simple POST form bruteforce:

./ws.py Forms --url http://simple.polygon.web-scout.online/admin.php --dict bases/demo/dict.txt --conf-str "login=^USER^&password=^PASS^" --false-re "User: " --login admin

Bruteforce form in selenium mode:

./ws.py Forms --url http://selenium.polygon.web-scout.online/admin.php --dict bases/demo/dict.txt --conf-file bases/demo/form-brute.conf --false-re "User: " --login admin --selenium 1 --browser-wait-re "checking"

Find subdomains

Simple subdomains search by dict:

./ws.py DnsDict --template @.standart-zone.polygon.web-scout.online --dict bases/demo/dict.txt

Simple subdomains search by mask:

./ws.py DnsMask --template @.standart-zone.polygon.web-scout.online --mask ?l,1,4

Find virtual hosts

Searching virtual hosts on IP by dict:

./ws.py HostsDict --ip --dict bases/demo/dict.txt --template @.hostsbrute.polygon.web-scout.online --false-re "Ubuntu Default Page"

Searching virtual hosts on IP by mask:

./ws.py HostsMask --ip --mask ?l,1,4 --template @.hostsbrute.polygon.web-scout.online --false-re "Ubuntu Default Page"


URLs params fuzzing:

./ws.py FuzzerUrls --urls-file bases/demo/fuzzer-urls.txt

URLs headers fuzzing:

./ws.py FuzzerHeaders --urls-file bases/demo/fuzzer-headers.txt