It may be useful for automatization. Every modules has «--xml-report» options where you can specify path to report without extension. Example: «--xml-report /tmp/test». In this case, WS create files /tmp/test-result.xml, /tmp/test-errors.xml и /tmp/test-progress.xml. It was scan results, errors and progress information respectively.

File -result.xml has next format:


Different modules has different structure of tag. You can see it by start module with this option.

Format of -errors.xml:

<text>some error</text>

Errors stop logging when their count getting bigger when 1000.

Format of -progress.xml:

<time_left>3m 54s</time_left>

File refresh every time when WS flush in cli progress string. Here:

  • count_now — items checked at this moment

  • full_count — all items count

  • percent_done — percent of done items

  • time_now — WS work time from start

  • time_left — work time left

  • speed — work speed, objects in seconds