WS running by ./ with args. First argument is module name. If you specify wrong module name, WS show help with modules list.

ERROR: Module 'FooBar' not exists!
Possible modules:

After that specify parameters and their values. If necessarily parameters not specified, of wrong params specified, WS show help with modules params list. You can see it by run module with param «-h». «./ DafsDict -h» for example.

$ ./ DafsDict -h
usage: ./ DafsDict [-h] [--found-re FOUND-RE]
[--not-found-size NOT-FOUND-SIZE]
[--retest-codes RETEST-CODES]
[--browser-wait-re BROWSER-WAIT-RE]
[--xml-report XML-REPORT] [--msymbol MSYMBOL]
[--tor TOR] [--selenium SELENIUM]
[--retest-re RETEST-RE] [--delay DELAY]
[--parts PARTS] --dict DICT --template TEMPLATE
[--ignore-words-re IGNORE-WORDS-RE] [--test TEST]
[--browser-recreate-re BROWSER-RECREATE-RE]
[--method METHOD]
[--not-found-codes NOT-FOUND-CODES] [--part PART]
[--threads THREADS] [--proxies PROXIES]
[--not-found-ex NOT-FOUND-EX]
[--headers-file HEADERS-FILE]
[--not-found-re NOT-FOUND-RE]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--found-re FOUND-RE Regex for detect 'Found' response (200)
--not-found-size NOT-FOUND-SIZE
Size in bytes for detect 'Not found' response (404)
--retest-codes RETEST-CODES
Custom codes for re-test object after 5 sec
--browser-wait-re BROWSER-WAIT-RE
RegEx for detect moments when selenium browser need
wait (ddos check, human action need)
--xml-report XML-REPORT
XML report file
--msymbol MSYMBOL Symbol of mask position in target URL (default @)
--tor TOR Use TOR
--selenium SELENIUM Use Selenium for scanning
--retest-re RETEST-RE
RegEx in response for retest
--delay DELAY Deley for every thread between requests (secs)
--parts PARTS How many parts will be create from current source
--dict DICT Dictionary for work
--template TEMPLATE Template for scan (@ as mark symbol)
--ignore-words-re IGNORE-WORDS-RE
Regex for ignore some words from dict or mask
--test TEST Test run with results dump
--browser-recreate-re BROWSER-RECREATE-RE
Regex for recreate browser with new proxy
--method METHOD Requests method (default - GET)
--not-found-codes NOT-FOUND-CODES
Custom codes for detect 'Not found' response (404)
--part PART Number of part for use from --parts
--threads THREADS Threads count, default 10
--proxies PROXIES File with list of proxies
--not-found-ex NOT-FOUND-EX
Phrase for detect 'Not found' exception (perceived as
--headers-file HEADERS-FILE
File with list of HTTP headers
--not-found-re NOT-FOUND-RE
Regex for detect 'Not found' response (404)

All parameters exclude «-h» have only long form («--param»). You can specify those values standardly — through space (--param value), with equal sign (--param=value), in single or double quotes (--param 'value'). For example, next two commands are equal:

./ DafsDict --template --dict=1.txt
./ DafsDict --template '' --dict "1.txt"

Every param must have value. Many tools allow you specify only param name if you want set it to true (--param). And if you not specify it, param understand as False. But in WS it not so. «--param=1» - param set in True, «--param=0» - param set in False. If param not specified, WS get value by default.